Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feel The Burn

Feel The Burn

We survived the crash,
Felt the burn,
Carried that burden,
Another lesson unlearned...?

It's Zero Hour, twelve AM,
Warriors and survivors,
Once more becoming friends...

I collapse on the floor,
Hand out some beers,
The night may be over,
But the end's far from near...

I let down my hair,
Roll up my sleeves,
Dish-dogs are pissed,
They're all threatenin' to leave...

Dishes, Silver,
Pots and Pans,
This is the kinda stuff I live for,
This makes me who I am...

I feel the burn,
Survive the crash,
Grab some more brews
For my triumphant staff

We survived the crash,
Felt the burn,
Carried that burden,
Another lesson left unlearned...

I feel the burn,
Need to soothe the pain,
But I'll see y'all tomorrow,
And we'll do it all again....

Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow,
And we'll do it all again...

You need to feel the burn,
To survive the crash...


Thanks Knoxville

Sharing The Love

That's what it is all about...

Gave a dehydrator to a protege and he wants to dehydrate his entire kitchen

Chica tried Tuna and Snow Crab Sushi as well as Surf Clam.
Me, Greg, Tivo and Tom taking each other to classes regularly

A ton of lessons taught and learned from Chef Tom to Greg to Vickie to a 1000 others.

Taught, Studied, Worked, Sweat, Bled in whole lotta different cities.

Am really gonna miss this one.

Thanks Knoxville.

It's all about the food.

Always has been.

Always should be.


Peace, Hugs and Cookies,


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Culinary Warrior?

Why Waltz When You Can Rock And Roll?????

As Chef collapses on the floor from getting his butt kicked on a busy weekend one of his cooks asked him how many sauces, stocks and emulsions he had made that day...

Chef stopped and started counting
24 sauces for the 55 parties we had today and for tomorrow...

That kind of stuff amazes me...
Did I do that?
Hug a cook...we're all animals, but we can be tamed...

ha ha