Monday, January 01, 2007

Tired, Wired and Inspired

pic-Pretty Place, SC

Tired, Wired and Inspired

Sometimes in life you wind up inspired about things, sometimes these inspirations are stimulating while other times shaking our hearts and stirring our emotions.

There are the eccentric people on this earth that can’t wait to write down the thought process, especially if I found the process beautiful, if nothing else, then for the sake of the memories.

I am one of those people and such was my case today, my first day on the road.

As some know, I have a lot of roots in the southeast so traveling from Knoxville through North Carolina into South Carolina was very reminiscent.

The thousands of flowing creeks and the beauty of the Smoky Mountain and Cherokee National Forests, the awesome feeling of being in Maggie Valley and spinning around in circles just to capture the majesty of the surrounding mountains, the memories I have living in Waynesville, the solitude of the morning fog through Buncombe and Haywood Counties…awww, man, what a great beginning to a crazy week.

One of the many reasons I have not written in a while is that my schedule/life has been so demanding, and as soon as I get a break I head out on the road to feed masses in South Carolina with my buddies at Palmetto Expo Center in Greenville, SC. So anyway, I am here for the week pumping out major volume and dancing the Alley Cat….

Now that I am not home and far away from my real job perhaps I will have some time to write and can catch up on a bunch of stuff. A lot has gone on since the Cooking Classes, so maybe I can squeeze some of that stuff in as well…

Talk at ya soon,

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