Sunday, December 09, 2007

Walker House Update

What in the heck was I thinking?????

It's bad enough that I am not very fond of snow...but is my passion for food so ridiculous that I would actually move to Wisconsin in the middle of November?
Jeezul Cheffy...what are ya' thinking? Don't you know that it's warm(er) in Maryville, TN?
No Passion No Love I guess....

The buzz is definitely created about the Walker House in our community and then some. I have been as far away as Madison and had people approach us about the Walker House opening back up. A couple things have happened the past couple days that was kind of neat about us opening and the recognition of the CheffyBoy...

On Thanksgiving I had an article printed in the local paper on cooking turkey, thanks to Joy Gieseke, the director of the local chamber and there is a historical paper that comes out quarterly that did an article on the Walker House and had a little sidebar on Cheffy that included my idea of sustainable dining and I had supplied Mr. Beaman with one of my favorite sauces for that is kind of neat.

On Wednesday, Dec. 19th I am going to be a guest chef at a local eatery and Dave Bulla and I are going to do German food, I will put something else on the blog talking about what is going to go on that night...

I was at a restaurant auction in Madison last Sunday and while I was out at the roach coach grabbing a couple bratwurst a woman approached me and asked if I was Chef Mike, and got all excited about the Walker House re-opening and said that she had seen the article in the Historical Paper...I thought that was kind of cool, is almost like Cheffy is turning into some kind of local celebrity...

Here is a list of some of the things we have going on:

Meeting this week with one of the teachers from Mineral Point High School, I am going to do a fundraiser for the chorus from MPHS to help raise money so that they can go to Branson this spring. Not really sure what I am going to do, but it will probably be one of the cooking classes, or a series of them, don't know yet, but for those that know me, it is going to be a blast regardless...

Guest Chef at Mineral Spirits on Dec. 19th

My mentor, Chef Roy England is coming to Mineral Point the end of December to teach me the finer points in pizza production. Chef is coming for a week to hang out, he has been a sound board for me since I decided to take this job and has always been a great influence in the establishment of who I am and what I do.

As always, it is great to talk to Chef Scott about what I am doing and bouncing ideas off of him, so I am always in contact with him throwing ideas back and forth with each other.

Will be back around later to fill you guys in on my concepts about the menu, sustainable dining, my use of the local farms and businesses plus talk about my gig with Mineral Spirits.

Peace, Hugs and Cookies,


PS Hugz out to Darby and Amy-thanks for keeping tabs on your little CheffyBoy