Sunday, March 15, 2009

Addendum to Jamming In Virginia Post

Addendum to post about Jammin' In Virginia

A reply to Broda's Comment and some Cheffy Babbles

"...That's the Way it goes when your life's a Spiral Staircase,
You feel alive when you can smile along the way,
You might hold on for dear life and try to save face,
But you survive
And strive to make the best of everyday..."

Spiral Staircase by Brenda "Broda" Barringer

Broda rocks and this is an excerpt from her CD "Spiral Staircase", you can buy it from her website listed above and has become one of Chef's favorite CD' go buy it!!!

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Alicia said...

Hey Michael, havent heard from you and your number is disconnected. Miss you my friend. Love ya always. Ali