Monday, July 27, 2009


On the Road Again!!!
Even though I have a lot planned for the next couple days, there are a few events that are really going to rock...Wolf Lake Hunt and Gun Club in Chicago is gonna be a lot of fun, then my weekend in Mineral Point, WI should prove to be a lot of fun...In MP I am hanging out at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning where Keith and Leslie are going to meet me then am going to do some shopping at the market and then do a Stump the Chef cooking class for them and some friends followed by a good ol Southern Pulled Pork BBQ at Tony's Tap, it should be a fun weekend...Then on the road again with a final destination in Pamplin, VA for a bike run for underprivledged kids the following weekend.
If you are somewhere between here and there send me an email, I might be coming to a town near you...
Last one of the year too...
Has been about a 30,000 mile year...
Hee Haw

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