Friday, July 21, 2006

Orange Bourbon Salmon

Cheffy's Baby Vickie---

Roasted Scallops in Garic Cream with a mesclun salad....mmmmm

As far as inventing goes, we are getting some parties in that are not letting us play too much

Had a small function yesterday that I amde some orange bourbon salmon that turned out pretty good-

The marinade-8 oz filets,apple juice, orange concentrate, brown sugar, honey, bourbon- marinated overnight

Dredge in flour and panfried

The sauce-garlic, shallots, fumet reduction, reduced cream, butter, white wine, lemon juice,orange juice, butter, bourbon

Was pretty good also made a hot bacon dressing that was pretty good too....

Bacon and fat, black pepper, apple cider vinegar, shallots and garlic, brown sugar---this turned out pretty good for being a quicky dressing nithing like my original, but good nonetheless...

Am going to have fun tonight will have some pics- am doing the Seafood Newburg in the Choux Bowls that should be pretty good. Shrimp, Scallps and Crab topped with Sauce Newburg as part of a duel entree for 130 pp, accompanied by a petite ribeye with Mushroom Demi -Glace.

Am also doing a couple large events tomorrow that we are going jto have fun with...

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