Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chef's Roundtable Babbles

Salmon Sashimi drizzled with chili-basil oil with candied garlic shrimp (that blew me away) and shredded nori.

What happens when you get some Chef's together around a table with a couple cocktails (and Shirley Temple's) talking about food?????

The stories were hilarious, the bonding was unbelievable, and the evening went on forever....

What an experience, I love this stuff...

Cheffy savors a happy moment with his Toro Belly

The Chef's Roundtable kind of existed over two days. The first was a group of us together over cocktails at Baker's Peter's in Knoxville and part deux was at Nama's Sushi Bar enjoying the food art of Chef J Cooney and his staff, and is definitely going to become a monthly occurance with the Cheffy Boy and Friends.

It was pretty comical to sit and listen to the different stories of nightmares, dreams, the corporate schmucks that enter and exit our lives and more...words could not express how much fun I had.

Some of the items we discussed:

One question that I posed that got some pretty good feedback was I asked "If you could snap your fingers and fix one thing in your establishment immediately, what would it be?" Is a pretty good question to ask yourself if you are in the industry...

Other topics:

Tricks and practical jokes we have played on waitstaff and staff

The frustration of playing into the politics of being a profiled chef in communtiy events like Chef's Auctions, Taste of the Nation, ACF Meetings etc.

Complex fusion flavors and how excited talking Asian food makes the Cheffy Boy. Sambals and why you should not send someone to the Asian Store for products, why Chef's should not go to the Asian/Ethinic stores during working hours.

Different viewpoints on why none of us can seem to find and keep good waitstaff and why some of the best waitstaff in our community wind up in corporate chain restaurants instead of higher end restaurants and catering facilities.

Man, was this a lot of fun...

During part deux it was kind of hard to carry on conversations because we kept discecting Chef J's food trying to figure out how he did this or how he did that, trying to guess his combinations of flavors and methods of execution. He just blows me away.

Will post some pics of the food art of Chef J and his staff in another entry.

So keep in mind, that if you are interested in having a Roundtable in your town email me and the Culinary Evangelist may be coming to a town near you...

Peace, Hugs and Cookies,


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