Friday, July 06, 2007

Harry and Cheffy (The Men, The Myth, The Menu)

Harry and Cheffy...what a story this is going to be...

Better get into the menu before I even attempt to get into the Men and Myth thingy….The Harry and Cheffy Boy Story is kind of in depth, but a lot of fun….

I was going to give Harry a private instruction. One-on-one with the Cheffy Boy in my kitchen on a day when the kitchen was closed and do a private invitation-only dinner for 10-15 people

“Find something you want to learn and I will teach it to you…” I even gave Harry my new edition of the “Professional Chef” textbook… “Find something Harry…”

So after talking about it for a couple weeks, Harry came and hung out with the CheffyBoy in his magical world...what a freaking blast…

The Menu-

Mesclun Salad with Vine Vegetables Garnished with Roasted Garlic and Chipotle Infused Caesar Salad Dressing

Redneck Eggrolls in an arabesque of Sweet and Sour and Harry’s Hot Mustard accompanied by Pan Fried Asian Noodles on Napa Cabbage. The Eggrolls were drizzled with a Wasabi Dressing.

The Grand Finale was Asian Infused Ribeyes with Baked Potato and Garlic Infused Sesame Oil Asparagus Tips….

Dessert was Friends, Family and talking about food...

Freaking Life Is Good!!!!