Monday, July 14, 2008

New Pics-Latest Function

I have done some crazy parties in some crazy places in my life, this one was probably in the top 5....
A barn with fainting goats....(yes, fainting, like fall flat off of all fours fainting...)
Nice dinner....
Butler Passed
Cucumber Wheels stuffed with Shrimp-Crab Dip
Smoked Salmon on Baquette with herbed cream cheese, capers and onions
Huge hand made Spanakopita
Assorted Miniature Quiche
Italian Meatballs with Garlic Italian Sausage on Croustades with Shredded Parm
Salad Course
Melange of fresh vegetables and black beans tossed in lime cilantro viniagrette on top of Boston Bibb Lettuce
Plated Dinner Service
Chicken Provencal with Kalamatta and Black Olives, Basil and Roasted Garlic
Orzo with Lemon, Parsley and Basil Gremolata
Brownies with Raspberry Sauce and Whipped Topping
The table setting was a table for 50 down the center of a barn with the table and bar design done by the client whom is world renowned for her expression of food and service. I will refer to her as Ms. Eva...anyway...Ms. Eva teaches across the planet on the experiences and history of the dining table, from Renaissance Dining and Banquets to Nouveau Dining of the up and coming chefs in the world. What an interesting individual!!!! It is humbling because it makes me realize that no matter how much I think I know, I don't know shit...
Original Table Setting before the event

One of the Hand Passed Platters with Smoked Salmon, Cucumber with Shrimp and Crab and the Meatball Croustades

Picture of Ms. Eva's Garden

The Provencal Plate

The Fainting Goats

My latest adoption- Chica making oatmeal cookies with wild cherry

The Brownie Plates

Music by my friends "Point Five"

David (on left) with Aaron and his lovely wife Monica

Long View of the Barn and Table

Pic of the Barn

This is probably one of my favorites...this is my buddy Jeff from Chicago...has never worked in a kitchen before but is a really good cook and I saw him at the Farmer's Market last weekend and asked if he wanted to play and he was all over it....we had a good time...Thanks for coming always fun to hang out with you....

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