Thursday, July 03, 2008

Stump the Chef!!! Mineral Point Rescue Squad Auction

"...Stump The Chef
A Night with Chef Michael Hayes of the Walker House
Mystery Bag Cooking Class/Dinner
Chef Michael invites you to invite up to six guests with each of them bringing a bag of any mixture of food stuffs. Chef will show up with his own bag and invent a muli-coursed meal for you and your friends out of the mystery bags.
Items can contain protein, vegetables, grains, starches, sweet, spicy or whatever your heart desires.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a real chef hanging out in your kitchen?
Well...Here's your chance!!!!!
Can you stump the Chef?..."
So anyway, that was the advertisement for the auction last Saturday giving away a night of hanging out with the CheffyBoy, a mystery bag class for up to six people...
I get a call on Saturday night from my buddies Bonita and her husband Dan to let me know that they just bought me...ha ha...she was totally excited, and I was too now that I know who bought me...
They told me they were at the bar across the street from the hotel so I went over there and found out they bought me for a freaking hundred bucks....told them they made me feel like a cheap french whore....ha ha
So anyway, the plan is set, gonna go hang out with the Schmitz's and cook some kind of crazy ass dinner Cheffy-Style within the next couple weeks so that will be a really fun blog babble and photo shoot...
Talk to you soon,

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