Saturday, October 24, 2009

About the Hurricane Articles

Oct 2009

Is hard to believe that the devastation of Katrina, Rita and Wilma has been over 4 years now and New Orleans, although operational, is still in shambles. It is pretty sad...

As stated by Chef Roy in an earlier post (click here)
I became very involved in a lot of aspects of the relief effort without actually being in New Orleans. I had organized a busload of supplies to be shipped into Saint Johns Parish. My former website "RestaurantEdge" got very involved in having staples sent to us and then in turn we made sure they made it to a relief effort. Organized meals for victims that were evacuated into where I was living at at the time which included working in the shelter, working in the kitchen, seeing needs and supervising the attentions that needed to be met among a hundred other things. It was sad and I took it quite personal if not obsessive. Needless to say there were times when the tragedy initially struck that I did not sleep for days and if I did it was in an office or a nearby car.

If more people put forth the love and willingness to help other people as much as we do in a national tragedy the world would be so much a better place...


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