Saturday, October 24, 2009

Closing Websites and Miscellaneous Stuff

On 26 October all of my websites are closing due to the server discontinuing the service.


Am undecided on how I am going to handle this, there is so much information between the three sites that I may just load up on free site for the time being or just load everything up on here.

The blog has been getting quite a following so perhaps I will just turn the blog into a place to put all of the miscellaneous CheffyBabbles that I have been writing for the past ten years.


My visit with my daughter and the kids was as always pretty grand-daughter was in a cheerleading competition that was very, very cool. She was happy that Poppa took the trip and hung out with her for a couple days. I got pretty weepy at one point really missing her grandmother, wishing she was there with us, it definitely was a special day.


It was football homecoming that weekend as well so I got to go see one of my grandson's play football and he was pretty surprised I actually made it to one of his games even though I promised him I would be there, am not sure that he believed me.

Other than that it was cool to hang out and get out of town for a couple days, as it always is.

More pics and a bunch of CheffyShit coming up in the next couple days....

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