Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Word from Chef Roy

For those that have been following the CheffyBabbles for a while have heard me refer to my mentor Chef Roy before...

Chef and I have been friends for over 20 years and at one time I was his little psycho-pup, head cook and bottle my life has changed, although gone in complete circles to justify my karma.
The above picture is Chef Roy visiting me in Wisconsin teaching me the ins and outs of major pizza shop production for a hotel that I opened up in Mineral Point, with Chef slapping my hands every time I did something other than the way he was teaching me...some of my staff got a kick out of someone yelling at me and slapping my hands when usually it was me raising my voice and slapping their hands...LOL

This is an email that I got from Chef Roy the other day that really made me feel good knowing that he is proud of the Chef that I have grown to be...

Here is Chef's letter in part...


Just to let you know, you have always impressed me with your ability to live your life to your own standards and still give more, beyond what others in more socially or monetary imaginary status would, with half the satisfaction.

We or should I say just you now, CHEF MIKE spend the personal hours planning, ordering, finding the funding, finding the location, finding people to support your cause. gathering equipment, moving food and equipment, setting up, breaking down, cleaning-up. paying the bills, adding up the profits, finding theirs not enough, and adding what you can to make it seem a little bit better.

As your first Chef, I am proud of your achivements and brag of you often. Your fire for knowledge of food has seemed to out shine mine, a spark I selfishly take credit for.

I love the talks we have, especially the one on how huricane catrina would effect the flavor of New Orleans, how you set up a shelter with food and beds for the victims, and the goverment that never capitalized on your efforts, leaving you with sleepless days and favors cashed for people, Americans

You're a great man, and Chef, good luck in your charity work, and I hope all who reads anything from Michael's many internet connections, anyone who has used a recipe of Michael's (probably mine) or any one who has eaten any of his creations, should contribute to his cause, till it hurts !

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