Sunday, June 01, 2008

Walker's Back In Town-June 1, 2008

The Walker's Back In Town!!!

Yes, The Walker's Back...

Alot of people had asked me at the Market on Saturday when I was going to write in the blog again, I didn't realize how many people have actually been reading my stuff...Thanks that is pretty awesome...

So What Does the Walker Have Planned?

Currently the building is not open to the public, but in lieu of opening the doors I have incorporated an extensive catering service and developed a Take Away Delivery Service, if you have not recieved a copy of the menu or would like to be put on our newsletter mailing list shoot me an email at

Aside of those two things we are focusing on perfecting our pizza dough recipe and expect to be doing pizzas by the middle of the month. Also starting on June 14th we will be a regular at the Farmer's Market, bringing our Miniature Pasties and whatever else strikes me as being fun to bring to the market.